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Species: Homo Lupus (Lycanthope)

Hominid, Carnivore

Two examples of an adult Lycanthrope. The first is female, remarkably well preserved not long after death, the second, a male specimen that has not faired so well. Both show evidence of an autopsy being carried out, perhaps by Edward Harrell himself. Of the female specimen, little is known. It is currently on display in the Museum Lolland-Falster in Denmark, and is believed to have been donated to the collection by Merrylin. The male Lycanthrope was the prize possession of Edward Harrell, and was housed in Harrell’s home, in the centre of his Drawing room. Although how and where he obtained the werewolf was never fully explained, Edward treated it with the utmost respect, and was often found staring longingly at it.
After the events of 1819, Edward changed his stance on the treatment of the Lycan race, taking no further live specimens for his experiments in curing the Lupus Viral strain. It is believed that in the year following his attack, Edward struggled to overcome his affliction of Lycanthropy, yet from what evidence there is, his cure worked, and cemented his more ethical approach to biology and the study of this illusive creature.

This piece was given to Lord Merrylin, along with Harrells entire Homo Lupus collection at the end of his life in 1906. Merrylin was very fond of Harrell and from Merrylins diaries, they often traveled together. The Cryptid Collection is still analysing the boxes of diaries pertaining to these adventures, and hopefully more information will arise on the relationship between these enigmatic men.