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Species: Draco Magnus

Winged biped, Carnivore

Draco Magnus, the largest known subspecies of Draco. This is a very young specimen, not long out of the nest, and yet already its huge cranial horns have begun to form. This is a male, although females also sported very large crests. When fully grown the secondary horns that protrude from the back of skull will grow to form a twisted and robust bone like structure which may have been used in territorial fighting. Sadly we know very little about this species of Draco. This specimen is one of only a dozen or so within the collection.  The specimen stands at around 20 inches tall. Much of its hide - and the prominent osteoderms (hard plate like growths upon the skin) have been removed to reveal the skeleton beneath. 

These massive beasts appear to have left very little evidence; a fascinating aspect of their culture mimics that of Elephants -they mourn their dead. In a fiery ritual, using their pyro chemical discharge from glands in the throat, they burn the body of the dead, leaving nothing but ash. Despite this incredible display of intelligence, it leaves a lot to be desired in the shape of fossil evidence. We have skin and scale samples and little more. Drawings depicting Draco Magnus with a wingspan of up to 250 feet. One of the largest wingspans in the world.