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Draco (Alatus, Minor, Magnus

Bipedal, Saurischia, Carnivore

The species Draco is a remnant of a unique membranous winged dinosaurs, who survived the KT extinction 65 million years ago, residing in the mountains of Nepal, and as far north as Siberia, were one of the most majestic beasts to roam the skies. Hunted to extinction by humans, the last known breeding population was found in Gurkha Himal, Nepal, cared for by a group of Monks.  Sadly these individuals were eventually exploited or disappeared, as return trips to continue research, found an abandoned nesting site.

We have continued our research pertaining to this species, and until the uncovering of this case, we knew of two species of Draco - Draco Alatus, and Draco Minor. We can now add Draco Magnus, the largest known subspecies of Draco. These massive snub nosed beasts appear to have left very little evidence - a fascinating aspect of their culture mimics that of Elephants -they mourn their dead. In a fiery ritual, using their pyro chemical discharge from glands in the throat, they burn the body of the dead, leaving nothing but ash. Despite this incredible display of intelligence, it leaves a lot to be desired in the shape of fossil evidence. We have skin and scale samples and little more. Drawings depicting Draco Magnus show a wingspan of up to 250 feet. One of the largest wingspans in the world.

This case contains a number of infant specimens. Draco Minor, the smallest of the species, Draco Alatus - the most common. A beautiful study by Thomas Merrylin himself.