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Bipedal, Carnivore

“A diminutive humanoid species popular in medieval fairytale”

The wastes of northern Norway and Lapland were home to the Homunculi, a species of pygmy hominid, that stood at around 18 inches tall. These nocturnal creatures lived in subterranean cave systems, and almost exclusively fed on roots and stems. They were also hunted to extinction by humans eager to own trophies of Elves and Dwarves.

The Goblin was an incredibly cunning, the only carnivorous subspecies of Homunculi, they formed complex cave systems which infiltrate those of other burrowing mammals. They used their olive green skin to blend with the earth and await their prey. Goblins would even “wear” the skins of their prey by crawling within the carcass and pouncing on unsuspecting individuals within rabbit warrens and fox dens. Some Goblins were caught with their bodies still entangled with the rotting cadaver, this gave rise to myths of Goblin wearing rudimentary clothing.