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Species: Homo Lupus (Lycanthrope)

Bipedal, Carnivore

Homo Lupus, or the Lycanthrope (Werewolf)  is a Symbiotic Hominid. Most are natural born but in rare occasions a human can become infected with Lycanthropy. The Lupus viral strain is a particularly hardy pathogen. It infects the host via saliva and blood and instigates cellular mutations. These mutations are rather unique as they not only alter the genetic make up of cells, it actively retrofits the host to suit its needs. In this case, changing a herbivorous Homo Sapien, unable to hunt prey without the use of tools, into a carnivore. These physical mutations change the bone and musculature, to allow for a more agile hunter, including the rejection of our flat plant grinding teeth for sharper teeth suitable for tearing flesh. The digestive system is perhaps the most drastic change. Humans are unable to digest raw flesh, due to our weak stomach acids and long intestines, which allows time for harmful bacteria to take a foothold. the digestive tract is thus broken down, and replaced with a far simpler system, and an exponential increase in the acidity of digestive acids. These changes are so violent and painful that almost 70% of infected hosts die during this transformation. Infected Human Lycans are almost always rejected from natural born Lycanthrope colonies. The life of an infected Lycan is a lonely, painful and short one, which is why most went feral, died of starvation of were hunted by fearful humans.  This example is a mid transformation Human to Lycan, he was caught and beheaded for stealing sheep. Notice the short snout, and relatively human like features still remain. Other examples of Homo Lupus within the collection show the final result of a full transformation, which has a far more Wolf -like facial structure, (although again, Homo Lupus shares no species links with Wolves.)