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Mary Shelley was not aware that by the time her book was published, the ill gotten subject matter of her novel had already been given life; the limbs of the dead torn from their shallow graves, fed with copper wire, conduits for aetheric charge, plunged deep into muscle and tissue. In the darkened hovels of blackmarket surgery, those who’d lost hands and legs to war and punishment craved new pieces of meat to quench their dextrous dreams.. bio-aetheric mechanical limbs, body parts, organs. The technology bred in sewer laboratories, where apes arms jumped and cavorted on electric current, tapped from the heavens, or in this case from life itself.

The portable bio-aetheric laboratory was the property of one Thaddeus Belacleese, ex surgeon to the crown, stricken from his workplace after a series of malevolent experiments were uncovered. Driven by a passion like no other, he scoured the streets for the homeless and the wretched – taking their birth given life and returning it to them via his own dreadful means. He would eventually work with other shunned and insidious men on the most diabolical of projects; see The Anathema Mechanism and Rasputin.