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“The delightfully tiny relic of the ghoul hunting age, pocket size, perfect for a discreet individual who values style as well as substance”

1869 saw Ulysses S. Grant become President of the United States, it was also the year of the Silent Flood. A new and threatening migrant species had appeared, stowing away on the lower decks of ships birthing in New york Harbor. These unseen creatures spooked the dock workers, who lost both shipments of livestock and workmates in the night time hours. It was not until the harbor master, a Mr. Thomas Marsh disappeared whilst on duty that the police were finally cajoled into investigating these illusive criminals.
On the 20th September, an individual by the name of Abramo, an aging Italian priest of some notoriety within more arcane circles of catholicism arrived to offer a little assistance. He had been charged by unseen parties with the task of tracing a new strain of the virus responsible for Lycanthropy and Vampyrism in Humans, yet had spread to various other mammalian species.

The police nicknamed the creatures WraithsThe Wraith virus is a mutated version of the Vampyrus strain, its origins are unknown. The most obvious differences are the way the virus spreads and the effect on the host. Vampyrism, along with Lycanthropy are Immuno-efficient pathogens, forming lifelong symbiotic relationships with the host, aiding the infected. The Wraith strain is an aggressive life ending pathogen, burning through the host like wild fire.

In the days that followed a group of ex Union soldiers, intrigued doctors and paid assassins were brought together with the objective of eradicating this threat to the stability of the United States. Known as the “Holy Order”, a name coined by Abramo in jest, this ragtag team followed the path of the virus north. By now the President was made aware of this situation, a further blow to the fragile economy caused by nefarious individuals trying to corner the gold market. On the 24th september these two threats converged, as the Wraith plague reached Washington, carving a stained shadow over the poor and destitute. This day became known as Black Friday, as swathes of Wraith fed upon the weak.

Those with money invested in trinkets and token weapons to defend themselves against these vile creatures. It appeared a simple shot to the head or a decent knife wound could end the average wraith, a species varying in size from a small dog to a human. The violence was eventually stemmed through martial law, and hastily white washed with tales of bubonic plague and the maddening infected causing the chaos.
Abramo collected a series of specimens of the Wraith and returned to his wards in the Far East. The Holy Order became an established Ghoul slaying outfit who gained a fair deal of media attention after accusing Susan B. Anthony of being a Vampyr.