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Species: Homo Lupus (Lycanthrope)

Bipedal Carnivore 

A species that once graced the plains of Mesopotamia long before the arrival of Homo sapien, Homo Lupus are one of two divergent symbiotic hominids, descended from a common ancestor, most likely early groups of Neanderthal. Homo Lupus were large wolf like omnivores- both males and females growing to around 7 ft. They had a matriarchal society, very similar to that of Bonobos chimps, yet there is evidence that they developed advanced civilization, and are perhaps responsible for the precursor to the birth of agriculture. They are the origin of the "werewolf" myth, but supernatural they are not. The species carries an Immuno-efficient pathogen, one that can indeed infect other hominids. This virus carries genetic information, which can lead to a traumatic augmentation of bone, muscle and skin tissue. In most cases infection kills the host. Most Lycanthrope were born, much like any other mammal. What remains of their species in the 21st century is conjecture. Edward Harrell spent a great deal of his life studying the remaining populations of Lycanthrope in the forests of Scandinavia around 1820, and he himself became infected with the Lupus viral strain. He took many trophies, yet this head was not owned by him. Merrylin acquired this from Hoxton Butcher, the infamous poacher, tradesman and big game hunter. Its unknown how he came across this specimen, yet he bragged he took on this adult male bare fist, which is highly unlikely considering Hoxton suffered from obesity, and a mild heart condition.