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Homomimus Alatus

Biped, Carnivore

The common faerie, or True Fae, form hives in woodland areas. Faerie construction is based on a saliva secretion mixed with leaf litter, and form large oval structures with a funnel opening in the base. These can be found within rotting trees and subterranean cavities. Some faerie species form mounds similar to ants. Fae are a caste society, with the lowest being gatherers, followed by slightly larger individuals who act as guardians of the nest. They, like almost all species of Fae, are Matriarchal.
Faerie share a genetic lineage with Homunculi, in regards to pheromone glands which are used as forms of basic communication. In the middle ages this was harvested by humans as it was found to have psychotropic effects when consumed. It is the origin of the “fairy dust” mythology.