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Homomimus Cradus (Crade Faerie)

Winged Biped, Carnivore


An example of Homomimus Cradus; the Crade Faerie. This is a warrior faerie, not unlike Warrior ants, they defend the hive from attacks from other colonies. Crade warrior faeries carry bifurcated jaws, and glands that secrete a potent neurotoxin. They have no teeth, but a sharp edge plate in the upper mandible. Bites are lethal, even to humans.  This particular sample was found in St.Marie, in Helinsia, in 1890. The hive spanned the entire cellar of  a 16th century stately home. Crade faeries are highly aggressive, rather like hornets or wasps. 

Crade faerie differ in a number of ways from True Fae. They are slightly smaller, have an elongated cranium and smaller, more fly like wings. They share some characteristics with Homomimus Arthropodus. A little research has been invested in identifying comparative evolutionary traits between Faerie clades, more effort needs to be applied, whether they share a common ancestor is still a grey area. The chitinous exoskeleton of Arthropodus is highly unique, yet osteoderms in mammalian and reptilian species is not unknown. It is hard to know if Arthoprodus are indeed related to arthropods at all, or Merrylin coined this term due to their anatomical similarities with insects.